ERGOLINE is our production programme that bases all our products on close cooperation with end users - firefighters. We have developed a fire-fighting workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) for fire-fighters of a high quality standard that meets the place and time of wearing and meets the highest European standards.

We offer you to be SPECIFIC and to highlight what is important for fire fighting: PRIDE, TRADITION and DIGNITY.

What we are especially proud of, and at the same time, we point out, are the DETAILS, because we believe that is a secret of top-notch designs that differentiates us from others.

Lion Apparel

LION APPAREL was established in 1898 in Dayton (Ohio, USA) as a clothing retailer. In 1935, the company started developing and producing special clothing. By the late 1980s, a former trading company became the leading international company for producing uniforms and special protective clothing. Since then, LION APPAREL has been in the field of firefighters clothing, retaining the position of market leader in the world, and since 2008 LION has equipped a wide range of fire brigades and companies throughout Croatia.


The family company ESKA was founded in 1912 and has been producing exclusively gloves for almost 100 years. Using innovative ways of working and expert knowledge, combined with the finest raw materials and products of renowned and certified suppliers, ESKA produces gloves that are unique in the world market where they are recognized exclusively by top quality.


HAIX® is a manufacturer of functional and innovative footwear. Their high-tech products meet the most demanding requirements for functionality, quality and design.

More than 1,000 employees around the world contribute to success. Production takes place in state-of-the-art footwear manufacturing facilities exclusively in Europe.

That is why the motto of HAIX is not to offer anything less than the best shoes in the world with its devoted fans!

Heroes wear HAIX!

RND Sportive

Since 2004, RND Sportive produces handy products for firefighters. All pre-sale products are tested and used in rescue operations. A team of experienced firefighters, doctors and emergency medical staff tests all products with regard to their practical suitability.


Over 250 years of tradition, experience and quality.

The company was founded in 1765 as a manufacturer of fire extinguishers. Today, PARSCH is a manufacturer of high quality fire and industrial tubes, whose products are exported all over the world.


Founded in 1898, Bullard is today the leading manufacturer of high quality personal protective equipment and products sold all over the world. Product lines include thermal cameras, fire helmet, rescue helmet, breathing apparatus, as well as many other products.

Durability, comfort, safety, quality and innovation are the features of every Bullard product.

ADARO Technologia

ADARO Technologia is a family company founded in 1901, which manufactures ADALIT rechargeable lamps, ALFA mining helmets and other portable light fixtures. It also develops the technology of other products for emergency and health services, industrial safety at work, representing the best brands in these sectors.


MASCOT is a Danish company with Scandinavian mentality founded in 1982. It manufactures and supplies workwear of a special fashion style and top quality all over the world.

This uncompromising attitude towards quality is associated with the strategic decision to produce and deliver NOT the cheapest work clothing, but the BEST.


SIOEN Group is a reputed manufacturer of technical garments for many markets. Especially in areas where people are exposed to circumstances where security, comfort and protection are the main issues. SIOEN has developed a strong reputation in various parts of protective clothing (fire protection, rescue services, police, forestry, marine ...) as well as the development of professional clothing (high visibility, clothing for all weather conditions). It employs more than 2,800 people in 8 plants around the world and the central office in Belgium.

SIP Protection

SIP Protection is a brand from people for people. All your garments are carefully designed for and tested by wearers in the field. For over 25 years SIP Protection has been dressing chainsaw users in their various working conditions. We have provided them with over 1 million trousers. Engineered, manufactured, worn and approved by experts for experts. Every chainsaw user and tree climber will find the right garment according to their needs.


Mullion is a producer of Marine Safety and Personal Floatation Devices that are designed to protect lives in some of the harshest and unforgiving environments. Our Lifejackets, Floatation and Immersion suits combine comfort and durability with technical safety and protection.

Productos Mesa

The story of Productos Mesa began in 1982.

From its beginnings to the international company that it has become today, Productos Mesa has always maintained its commitment to innovation and development.

Productos Mesa is a leader in the manufacturing of hoses at an international level and has acquired vast experience in its more than thirty years in the manufacture of flexible flat fire hoses, industrial hoses and agricultural hoses, even making customised orders at the request of customers.


Bekina® Boots specialize in the development, production and marketing of work boots, made using NEOTANE® technology. Since 1962, they have been delivering quality, durable, safe and comfortable products with an excellent price and quality ratio, and 55 years of experience has grown them into an international player.


LEADER is an innovative company in its own right, developing, manufacturing and distributing higher performing equipment used in fire fighting and search and rescue applications.

Fire fighting smoke extraction fans, fire branches and monitors, thermal imaging cameras, water and foam extinguishers equipment, buried victim rescue equipment, stability movement monitor… these products are included in the ranges which they offer in over 50 different countries to Fire fighting & Rescue departments, Civil defense, Navy & Marine, Risk-Prone Industries, NGOs etc.